After serving over thirty years as a career prosecutor in my home town and 17 years as the Senior Assistant District Attorney for Wayne, Greene, and Lenoir counties, I am seeking election to the position of District Attorney.

I have never before sought a political office, and I base my decision on the steadfast belief that the citizens of this area will be best served by a candidate with my experience, abilities, and personal beliefs. I simply cannot walk away from my life's work understanding the consequences of leaving an organization so vital to our public safety without proven leadership.

A good leader must make difficult decisions and be steadfast.

For many years I have had to personally make decisions that determined whether a human being would be subjected to life imprisonment or possible execution. Thirteen people will never leave prison alive because of that. I likewise have made decisions that mitigated the punishment a defendant received because it was either merited or unavoidable.

These types of decisions, along with countless others, carry with them a heavy burden of balancing what is appropriate for each unique situation that presents itself in the criminal justice system. My father taught me to be a realist and to be compassionate. My mother taught me to have the strength of my convictions. I have taken these principles to heart over the course of my professional career. When mercy was merited, it was given. When punishment was deserved, it was demanded.

It is my hope that my combination of life and professional experience will provide the type of leadership that you want in your chief law enforcement official. I need your support and pledge that I will continue to serve you with the same hard work and dedication that I have exhibited throughout my professional life.

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